"Samurai Thermo" Lightweight Thermal Insulated Polyurethane Palm Coated High Performance Work Gloves


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The "Samurai Thermo" Work Gloves are high-performance, insulated, and coated, providing excellent thermal protection. They offer superior flexibility and dexterity, with an uncoated back for air circulation to keep hands dry. Ergonomically designed for an unmatched fit and comfort, these gloves are ideal for demanding work environments.
  • High-performance insulated & coated
  • Provides excellent thermal protection
  • Superior flexibility and dexterity
  • The uncoated back allows for air circulation to keep hands drier
  • Ergonomically designed for unmatched fit and comfort


  • Fish industry
  • Cold storage
  • Winter transportation
  • Unheated warehouses
  • Yard and fieldwork
  • Freight handling