Custom Hi-Vis Clothing

A key part of good visibility can include not only ensuring your workers are seen but also easy to identify as members of your business. Using a method of heat transference, we allow you to apply and print logos, text, and various designs onto custom high-visibility clothing. From custom hi-vis vests to custom hi-vis jackets, we can tailor your safety gear to suit your specifications.

Take a look at our custom hi-vis clothing and other safety apparel to better consider what kind of garments work best for your industrial workplace. From there, we’ll work with you to print any logo or design you have in mind to ensure you have the most effective high-visibility equipment.

Custom print your own logo, text or design onto these Hi Vis Safety Traffic vests and t-shirts.

All logos are done by heat transfer. Minimum order of 12 each. If you would like to see another garment available to print in this collection please email with your suggestions. Need design help? Contact us at