Anti-Vibration Gloves

Consistently enduring the vibrations created by power tools and similar machinery can cause permanent damage to a person—yet such a threat often goes unnoticed or is treated too lightly. Anti-vibration gloves endeavor to solve this by absorbing the vibrations instead of your hand absorbing them. Consistent exposure to vibrations without vibration dampening gloves will inevitably cause damage to the nerve system and blood vessels within your hand, creating sensations of numbness and making it difficult for blood to flow into fingers. Over a long period of time, vibrations can cause your hands to struggle with motor functions.

Like other protective gloves, anti-vibration safety gloves strike a balance between protection and dexterity that will allow you to perform your work without hindrance. Depending on the machinery and tools you use, you can choose Hi-Vis Safety’s inventory of vibration-resistant gloves.

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Delta Force Vibration Dampening Gloves
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Mechanic's Glove with Padded Palm
$13.99 USD
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