Hi-Vis Jackets

Whether you’re working in rain or snow, visibility only becomes even more important as your vision becomes more obscured. No industry understands this better than industrial workplaces, but reflective vests and t-shirts aren’t ideal for colder temperatures. High-visibility safety jackets and hi-vis hoodies are a good way to keep your workers warm and ensure they remain highly visible to each other. This will ensure accidents and injuries are kept to a minimum if workers are fully aware of each other's presence. There are even variations of hi-vis jackets and hi-vis hoodies available to ensure you have the right equipment and apparel for any environment your workers must tackle.

Shop our inventory of safety jackets with hoods like our winter safety softshell jackets, safety hoodies, freezer jackets, and drivers’ jackets. All jackets and hoodies are fully compliant with the newest CSA standards: CSA Z96-15. Stay safe on the job with this quality high visibility apparel.