Waterproof vs. Water Resistant Hi-Vis Rainwear

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant Hi-Vis Rainwear

Hi-visibility rainwear is an essential workwear item that is useful and necessary to protect workers from workplace accidents in the rain. Rain is a hazardous environmental element that can cause low-visibility and physical discomfort.

It’s important to be able to easily identify workers in a dark and rainy environment. In addition to being highly visible, rainwear also provides practical protection from the rain. There are different kinds of rainwear that provide different levels of protection: waterproof his-vis rainwear and water-resistant rainwear. Continue reading to learn about the two options and their key differences.

Waterproof Hi-Vis Resistant Rainwear

Waterproof rainwear is essentially fabric that is impenetrable to water and its effects. A waterproof hi-vis jacket would remain dry and unsoaked even after the worker has been standing in rain or snow for long periods of time. The material used for waterproof rainwear creates a complete barricade against the water, which is ideal for heavy-duty situations and environments.

Water Resistant Hi-Vis Rainwear

Water-resistant his-vis rain gear is like waterproof rainwear in the sense that it protects the wearer from water. However, the water-resistant fabric can only withstand water for so long before it begins to penetrate the barrier of the material. Water-resistant hi-vis wear is practical for light use and moderate rain. However, it would be ideal to opt for heavy-duty waterproof rainwear during heavy rain and severe weather situations.

Which Is Better?

If you’re working in an area with light rain and only need to work for a shorter period, you may want to consider water-resistant hi-vis wear. If you’re working in more severe conditions where the rain is pouring, and visibility is totally obscured, you may want to consider waterproof hi-vis wear. Neither is necessarily better than the other; you may simply find one to be more ideal based on individual circumstances.

All in all, it’s important to choose the right rainwear for you. Whether you require waterproof or water-resistant rainwear, it’s essential to have rainwear that will keep you dry and warm throughout the rainy season. Consider the severity of the weather when choosing which rainwear to use, and always practice safety precautions on the worksite when working in hazardous weather.