Top 5 Reasons To Put Your Company Logo on Hi-Vis Clothing

Top 5 Reasons To Put Your Company Logo on Hi-Vis Clothing

A logo is a visual representation of your brand and business. When you decide to attach your logo to hi-vis clothing, you’re sending out a message to the rest of the world and to your employees. Customizing your work wear has many great benefits that you should take advantage of as a business. Continue reading for the top five reasons you should put your company logo on hi-vis workwear.

Brand Recognition

Attaching your logo on hi-vis workwear instantly adds brand recognition to the clothing. Not only will others be able to identify your brand at a glance, but it also serves as a marketing tool. Adding your logo is a great way to proudly advertise your company through visual exposure. It will give passersby the opportunity to take note of your company.

Team Building

When your team is out on the job site wearing the same branded high-vis clothing, they may feel a stronger sense of togetherness and bonding. It also serves as a constant reminder that they’re representing the whole company, not just themselves.


Another reason to put your logo on hi-vis wear is for safety. In the event of an accident or emergency where a worker has been misplaced or harmed, your company’s logo may help in identifying them and bringing them back to safety.

Professional Appearance

Having branded workwear gives your workers a uniform and professional appearance. Having your workers wear a personalized hi-vis jacket, shirt, or overalls with a custom logo creates a polished and cohesive look that will elevate your business’s image.

Distinguishes Workers From Other Contractors

There’s always a chance that your workers may end up on job sites with other contractors present. Workers will be more easily identifiable to their coworkers and the other contractors when wearing branded hi-vis clothing. This can help eliminate any confusion, maintain order, and streamline communication with managers and employees.

When deciding if you should brand your hi-vis gear, be sure to reference this helpful list. Feel free to contact High Vis Safety for all your customization needs.