Tips for Maintaining & Cleaning High-Visibility Jackets

Tips for Maintaining & Cleaning High-Visibility Jackets

High-visibility gear must endure some of the toughest environments and various weather conditions. After some time, the wear and tear take its toll and can compromise the functionality of your hi-vis jackets. Here are some tips for maintaining and cleaning high-visibility jackets.

Tips for Caring for Hi-Vis Jackets

The first and foremost tip for maintaining your hi-vis gear and jackets is to ensure you’re wearing the correct gear for the season, weather, and environment. High visibility jackets come in various materials best suited for different environments. Ensuring you have the right materials for your worksite will make sure they enjoy a much longer lifespan with fewer problems.

For example, manufacturers make high-visibility rain jackets with more hydrophobic material. The fabric doesn’t allow the water to soak into the jacket. This prevents the rain from drenching workers to the bone and getting the jackets musty or moldy.

Properly Washing Hi-Vis Jackets

As hardy as high visibility jackets are, you must clean them with care, especially if you’re using a washing machine. The jacket will have a tag that indicates whether it is washing machine safe. Failing to heed warnings against washing machines can potentially damage your high visibility jackets.

  • Machine wash on cold or delicate, depending on what the tag indicates.
  • Hang dry.
  • Wash jackets inside out.
  • Wash with like colors.
  • Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener.
  • Use a mild detergent.
  • Do NOT put anything with Velcro, hooks, or loops into the washing machine, as these can snag onto the mesh of other jackets.

Staying Attentive

The final tip for maintaining and cleaning high-visibility jackets is to stay extra attentive to the condition of your high-visibility jackets. You can prevent stains from mud, dirt, and more if you react quickly with spot cleaning as soon as possible. When you do buy new high-visibility garments, be keen on the quality of the garments. Investing in high-quality materials now will mean your high-visibility garments will last longer and perform better in the long run.