Tips for Layering Work Shirts During Cold Months

Tips for Layering Work Shirts During Cold Months

When working out in the cold, it’s important that workers are well equipped to keep warm. Layering is common sense to anyone, but there are efficient ways of doing so that will keep you warmest and capable of completing your job without getting in the way. Here are a few tips for layering work shirts during cold months.

The Base Layer

The base layer should be a close-fitting undershirt that serves to keep you dry. This doesn’t refer to keeping you dry from the rain or snow but rather moving sweat away from your skin and playing an important role in fending off the cold. If your skin is damp, you’ll feel a lot colder than usual, which causes shivering and a persistent chill that feels like it’s in your bones.

The Middle Layer

The next tip for layering work shirts during cold months is to include a middle layer that keeps you warm while the undershirt stays light and keeps you dry. The key here is to find a shirt that is great at trapping your body heat, as the more heat you can trap, the warmer you’ll feel. We recommend garments like quilted flannel shirts or wool sweaters if you’re unsure what would best accomplish this task.

The Outer Layer

Finally, we can consider the jacket or coat you’ll be wearing out on the construction site. Most people assume their coat is what keeps them warm. But the true primary purpose is to shield you from rain and snow to keep the inner layers dry. When buying a suitable coat for your layers, make sure it’s big enough to comfortably fit over two inner layers. If visibility is an issue, simply putting a high-visibility vest over a coat may not be enough in some sites. So it might be a good idea to invest in high-visibility jackets and coats for when the colder months come around.