Tips for Choosing a High-Visibility Jacket

Tips for Choosing a High-Visibility Jacket

When choosing a high-vis jacket, you should consider the working conditions and needs that your employees will require to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. High-vis jackets are an essential component of worker safety. Before making a blind purchase, consider these helpful tips for choosing the right high-vis jacket for your employees.

Look for Climate Appropriate Options

If you want to provide added protection for your workers against weather conditions, you may want to look at purchasing high-visibility safety jackets  that support protection against the cold and rain. There are many options made specifically to be water resistant or designed on an innovative level to hold warmth.

Choose a Color Based on Lighting Conditions

When choosing a high-visibility jacket, you should consider the different colors based on the lighting conditions within your workplace. If your construction workers work within a well-lit warehouse, it may be more appropriate for them to wear a black high-vis jacket. Alternatively, construction workers who work in outdoor spaces would find it more appropriate and helpful to wear bright colors such as yellow or orange for high visibility during night shifts or unfavorable weather conditions.

Consider Coverage

You should consider your coverage needs when looking for high-vis jackets. Do you need a hood to protect against the rain or add warmth during the cold? Do you need a vest style to allow more breathability during warmer months? Coverage is important when it comes to high-vis gear, so be sure to look for the pieces that offer you the best or most preferred coverage.

Consider the Fabric

Consider the fabric options when choosing your high-vis jacket. There are many options that are optimal for different levels of comfort and preference. Do you prefer polyester insulation for lightweight wear or polyester fleece for extra warmth?

Be sure to consider all your high-vis preferences and requirements when choosing a jacket. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Latoplast for all your high-vis needs!