The Most Overlooked Protective Gear in Construction

The Most Overlooked Protective Gear in Construction

Construction sites are dangerous places, and construction workers must wear the right protective gear to stay safe. Most warehouse owners know the importance of providing their employees with hard hats, work boots, and gloves, but every construction worker should have a few other pieces of equipment.

Let's look at some of the most overlooked protective gear in construction that you should be using.

Ear Protection

Noise levels at construction sites can get dangerously high, and prolonged exposure to loud noises can cause hearing loss. Ear protection is essential for any employee who works in a noisy environment, as it will reduce the risk of long-term hearing damage. There are two basic types of ear protection: ear plugs and ear muffs. Ear plugs are inserted into the ears while muffs fit over the entire ear. Warehouse owners should make sure their employees have access to both types so they can choose which one is more comfortable to wear.

Safety Goggles

There is always a risk of dust, debris, sparks, or splashes from hazardous liquids getting into workers' eyes and causing serious injury or infection. Safety goggles provide an extra layer of protection by covering up workers' eyes completely and protecting them from debris that could otherwise cause permanent damage or blindness. Ensure your employees have access to safety goggles for maximum eye protection when working on a construction site.

Footwear With Steel Toes

Steel-toed boots are essential gear for any employee at a construction site. These boots protect feet from heavy objects falling or accidentally stepping on sharp objects during work shifts. Steel-toed boots also support ankles during strenuous activities such as walking uphill and carrying heavy objects around uneven terrain. They reduce the risk of sprains and slips due to uneven surfaces or slippery conditions.

Overalls and Bibs

Overalls and bibs provide an extra layer of protection against splashes or burns from hazardous liquids, sparks, or hot objects. They also protect your clothing, meaning you can keep them clean and presentable even when dealing with messy tasks. Hi-vis bibs are a must, as they provide an extra layer of visibility in dark or dimly-lit areas.

Providing your employees with proper protective gear is essential to ensure their safety while working on a construction site. Hard hats, gloves, and work boots may be enough for some environments, but it's important to remember other kinds of protective gear for construction. Ear protection, safety goggles, steel-toed footwear, and overalls can make all the difference in creating a safe workplace environment for your employees. 

Investing in quality protective gear can help you avoid costly injuries and keep your business running smoothly while completing projects safely!

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