The Importance of Reflective Material on Hi-Vis Clothing

The Importance of Reflective Material on Hi-Vis Clothing

Hi-vis clothing is a crucial part of any workplace safety program. By providing workers with brightly colored garments, employers can ensure employees are easier to see by their colleagues, supervisors, and customers.

In addition to bright colors, hi-vis clothing has reflective material sewn in, further increasing visibility in low-light situations. Let's take a closer look at the importance of reflective material on hi-vis clothing. 

Why Is Reflective Material Important?

Reflective material is important for two reasons: first, it helps people wearing the garments be more visible in low-light conditions. This visibility is especially important for workers who often work outside or in dimly lit areas, such as construction sites and warehouses. Second, reflective material helps workers stand out against a background of objects or other people—something that can be difficult to do if they wear the same color as their surroundings.

Types of Reflective Material Used on Hi-Vis Clothing

The most common type of reflective material used on hi-vis clothing is "retroreflective." This material reflects light toward its source, making it ideal for low-light conditions.

Other types of reflective material used on custom hi-vis jackets and other clothing include fluorescent fabric and micro prismatic film (often used in stripes). The fluorescent fabric absorbs UV light during the day and emits it back at night, while micro prismatic film reflects infrared light from headlights or flashlights toward the source.

How Do You Care For Reflective Material?

Caring for the reflective material on hi-vis clothing is essential if you want your garments to remain visible even in low lighting conditions. The first step is to check labels for washing instructions; some materials may need special care when cleaning them with detergent or bleach solutions.

Additionally, you should always remember to hang dry any garment that contains reflective material—never put them in the dryer! Finally, check your garments periodically for signs of wear and tear; if they've become worn or faded, they should no longer be part of your safety program.

Reflective materials are an important component of any hi-vis clothing safety program. Whether you're choosing custom hi-vis jackets or pre-made garments, make sure that the clothing you purchase has reflective material to ensure your employees are easy to see in low-light conditions. Following the care instructions for these materials can help keep your workers safe and visible.

Hi-Vis Safety has custom hi-vis jackets and other apparel with reflective material to help keep you safe and visible in low-light conditions. Contact us today to learn more about our products and find the right gear for your workplace.