The Essential Hi-Vis Safety Clothing To Keep in Large Supply

The Essential Hi-Vis Safety Clothing To Keep in Large Supply

If you work on or near busy roads, you know that staying visible is essential to safety. Wearing hi-vis clothing is one of the best ways to ensure drivers can see you, day or night. But with all the different types and styles of hi-vis clothing, it can be hard to know what to keep in stock.

Let's look at a rundown of the essential hi-vis safety clothing items every business should keep in large supply. 

Reflective Vests

A reflective vest is a must for any worker who spends any time near traffic. Vests come in various styles, from sleeveless to full-zip, so you can find the right one for your needs. Be sure to choose a vest that's brightly colored and has reflective striping on both the front and back. Knowing you're visible from all angles will give you an extra sense of security when working near traffic.

Hi-Vis Shirts and Jackets

For workers who need more coverage than a vest can provide, hi-vis shirts and jackets are great options. These garments are available in short- and long-sleeved styles, so you can choose what's right for the job and the weather. Some workers prefer to keep a few of each on hand, so they're always prepared. Following the same rules for reflective vests, choose bright shirts and jackets with reflective striping on both the front and back.

Hi-Vis Pants and Shorts

In warm weather conditions, hi-vis pants or shorts may be all that's needed to stay visible. Some prefer to wear reflective vests over their regular clothing, regardless of the weather. But for those who don't want the extra layer in warm weather, hi-vis pants or shorts are a great option. Summer weather can vary, so workwear is available in various styles, from shorts to long pants, so you can choose what's right for the job.

Hi-Vis Hats and Headbands

Hi-vis hats and headbands are necessary for workers who need to keep their hair out of their faces while working. They're also great for keeping the sun out of your eyes. And like all other high-visibility clothing, they help ensure you're visible to drivers. Sometimes, a hi-vis hat or headband is all that's needed to stay safe while working.

Hi-vis clothing is an essential element of safety gear for any worker who spends time near busy roads. By keeping a supply of hi-vis vests, shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, hats, and headbands on hand, you can be sure your workers will always have the right gear for the job—no matter the weather conditions are outside.

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