The Difference Between Anti-Vibration and Impact Gloves

The Difference Between Anti-Vibration and Impact Gloves

Whether you’re working with power tools or machinery, using appropriate safety gear to protect your hands from injury is essential. You might consider two types of gloves: anti-vibration gloves and impact gloves. 

While both can protect your hands, they have distinct purposes and features. Let’s explore the differences between anti-vibration and impact gloves and which might suit your needs.

Anti-Vibration Gloves

Anti-vibration gloves can reduce the impact of long-term exposure to tools and machinery with high vibration levels. Constant exposure to vibrations can cause hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), resulting in tingling, numbness, or even permanent damage to the hands. Anti-vibration gloves come with padding and shock-absorbing materials in the palm and fingers that reduce the impact of constant vibrations. They’re ideal for workers with jackhammers, drills, and chainsaws.

Impact Gloves

On the other hand, impact gloves can protect your hands from the blunt-force impacts of falling objects. They come equipped with durable materials like Kevlar, TPR, or EVA foam on the fingers, knuckles, and back of the hand to provide maximum protection. Impact gloves are ideal for workers who deal with heavy machinery, construction, or shipping. If your work requires you to handle heavy materials or work outdoors, then impact gloves are the perfect solution.

Types of Impact Gloves

There are different kinds of impact gloves, each with specific features that suit different needs. For example, some impact gloves have a touchscreen capability, allowing workers to use electronic devices without removing their gloves. Other impact gloves may have a cut-resistant feature that protects workers from sharp materials like glass or knives. Depending on your job’s specific demands, you can choose an impact glove with the right features to keep you safe and comfortable throughout your workday.

Choosing the Right Glove

When choosing between anti-vibration and impact gloves, you should consider the kind of work you engage in and the level of risk present. Anti-vibration gloves are the right choice if you get constantly exposed to vibrations from tools and machinery. But if your work involves handling heavy machinery or working in construction sites where falling objects could hit you, you should opt for impact gloves to protect your hands from potential injuries.

Anti-vibration and impact gloves are crucial in ensuring the safety and well-being of workers in various industries. You should be able to dictate the choice between the two by the nature of your work and the potential risks involved. Anti-vibration gloves are ideal for those with high-vibration tools, while impact gloves are better for jobs involving heavy machinery or the risk of blunt-force impacts. It’s imperative to understand these differences to choose the right protective gear that increases your comfort and significantly reduces the occurrence of workplace injuries.

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