The Dangers of Improperly Wearing Hi-Vis Gear

The Dangers of Improperly Wearing Hi-Vis Gear

Wearing high-visibility clothing is essential for the safety of people who work in high-risk environments such as construction sites, roadways, or warehouses. Hi-vis gear can protect workers by making them visible in low-light conditions.

The effectiveness of this protective clothing can diminish if you don't wear it correctly. Failing to follow good wear and care habits can limit your visibility, increase the risk of accidents, and lead to personal injury. Let's explore some of the hidden dangers of improperly wearing hi-vis gear.

Reduced Visibility

One of the most significant dangers of improperly wearing hi-vis gear is the reduction of visibility. Wearing reflective clothing in dim areas greatly increases the visibility of a worker. However, if the critical areas of the body, like the torso, shoulders, and arms not visible, they become more susceptible to accidents. The reflective tape on the hi-vis clothing should be visible all around your body. Failure to align the safety gear on your body is a grave danger while working.

Incorrect Sizes

Another problem with wearing hi-vis gear incorrectly is sizing. Wearing clothing that is too tight or too big can cause hindrances to free movement. Workers are less likely to wear ill-fitting hi-vis clothing because it is uncomfortable.

Loose clothing puts you at risk of getting caught in machinery. In contrast, clothing that is too tight can restrict your movement and shift the proper placement of the reflective fabric, especially on the upper body.

Inadequate Cleaning

Hi-vis gear can become soiled over time, resulting in a loss of reflective properties. You should maintain the reflective tape by washing the clothing in cold, soapy water. Neglecting to clean your work clothing can lead to poor-quality protection and an increase of worksite accidents.

Failure To Concentrate

Wearing high-vis gear in hazardous areas is mandatory for people in high-risk professions. When you wear protective clothing, you can worry less about your safety while working and focus more on the task at hand. Remember that hi-vis clothing can prevent accidents, but failure to concentrate on your job defeats the purpose of this gear.

Proper use of high-visibility clothing is instrumental to the safety of workers who perform hazardous jobs. Job site managers should ensure their workers can utilize hi-vis gear. Wearing hi-vis gear improperly presents many dangers, and you should not take them lightly.

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