Is It Time To Upgrade Your Hi-Vis Gear and Clothing?

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Hi-Vis Gear and Clothing?

If you work in an environment requiring safety gear, wearing the right hi-vis gear and clothing is essential. Hi-visibility apparel ensures workers are highly visible from far away and stand out among equipment and work materials. It is important for workers in certain industries, such as construction, mining, manufacturing, street maintenance, emergency services, and airport operations, to invest in the appropriate hi-vis clothing to remain safe on the job. 

Let’s look at how to know it’s time to upgrade your current hi-vis gear and the attributes of high-quality products you should consider when purchasing new clothing. 

What Are the Benefits of Upgrading Your Hi-Vis Gear and Clothing?

Upgrading your hi-vis clothing is essential for your safety and visibility in various environments. As technology advances, so do the manufacturing techniques of protective apparel. When purchasing brand-new gear or apparel, make sure it’s made with lightweight and breathable fabric. These features will keep you comfortable on the job, especially in hot weather conditions. 

High-quality, hi-vis clothing should also be certified to ANSI 107-2020, the latest safety standard for personal protective clothing. Certified hi-vis apparel ensures your work clothing complies with health and safety regulations and provides optimal levels of visibility in a wide range of environments. 

The last benefit of upgrading to quality hi-vis clothing is that it’s often designed with durability in mind. You can expect your gear or apparel to last much longer than low-quality products. 

The Different Types of Hi-Vis Gear and Clothing

When purchasing hi-vis gear and clothing, you can choose from many garments. The most common hi-vis items include the following: 

  • Vests 
  • Jackets 
  • Shirts 
  • Pants and bibs 
  • Rain gear 

You should invest in hi-vis clothing that works with your job, depending on what you do every day. For instance, a hi-vis jacket is ideal if you need to stay warm in cold weather. If your job involves working outdoors in wet conditions, we recommend waterproof and windproof hi-vis rain gear. When you wear hi-vis rain gear, you remain visible during heavy downpours that reduce visibility.

How To Choose the Right Pieces for Maximum Visibility

When upgrading hi-vis gear and clothing, look for key features that ensure maximum visibility. Look for items made with bright colors, such as fluorescent yellow or lime green, which are the most visible colors in dim or low-light conditions. Additionally, look for clothing with reflective tape along the seams and across the chest so that you’re visible from all angles. These features are especially important when working in environments with poor lighting or during the nighttime hours. 

Lastly, ensure the hi-vis gear fits you correctly. Ill-fitting clothing can restrict movement and compromise safety. The right fit will keep you comfortable, so sizing is an essential factor to consider when choosing hi-vis apparel.

Caring for Your Hi-Vis Gear and Clothing

You should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for storing and caring for your hi-vis gear and clothing to keep them in good condition. This includes cleaning them per the manufacturer’s instructions, using only lint-free cloths or sponges when wiping dirt from your garments, and regularly checking for rips, tears, or signs of wear and tear. Store your clothing in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods. 

It’s essential to remain visible while working in hazardous environments, so invest in high-quality hi-vis gear and clothing. Upgrade your current protective apparel per the latest safety standards of your industry. This way, you can guarantee that you’re visible and safe while working. 

You must wear your hi-vis apparel correctly when working in hazardous environments. Additionally, follow the safety regulations set by your employer to remain protected at all times. 

Contact your local health and safety representative for more safety tips or advice for purchasing hi-vis gear and clothing. They can provide further guidance on your industry’s latest safety standards for protective apparel. With their help, you can stay safe at dangerous worksites.

Wear the Correct Hi-Vis Clothing for Your Job or Activity

When selecting hi-vis clothing for your job, always refer to the specific guidelines set by your employer or safety officer. Depending on the type of work you do and the environment you’re working in, there may be different requirements for the type and style of hi-vis gear you must wear. Additionally, wear well-fitting protective clothing to ensure visibility and maximize safety. Ensure that your garments are not too tight or loose, as this can affect your agility and comfort at the work site. 

Double-check that your hi-vis gear is clean and in good condition before every shift. This will ensure your clothing is visible and complies with your industry’s safety standards. 

Extra Precautions for Night or Low-Light Conditions

When working at night or in low-light conditions, you should take extra precautions to remain visible. Wear garments with reflective striping on the front and back so you can be seen from any angle. Additionally, look for hi-vis gear with features such as built-in LED lights to help you stand out in dark environments. 

Maintaining Your Hi-Vis Gear

You could compromise the effectiveness of your hi-vis gear and clothing if you don’t take care of them. Regular cleaning is the key to maintaining the brightness of the material and the visibility of the reflective stripes. Never use bleach or other harsh chemicals that can fade the garment’s color or damage the reflective striping. Always refer to the manufacturer’s washing instructions to get the best results. Also, you should replace your hi-vis gear as soon as you notice signs of wear and tear. Regularly inspecting your garments can go a long way in ensuring it continues to provide the necessary level of visibility and safety for your industry.

By following these tips, you’ll remain safe and visible when working in hazardous environments. Investing in the right hi-vis gear and clothing is essential for your protection, so you should prioritize this if you work outdoors or in dangerous conditions.

If you’re looking to purchase custom high visibility clothing or any other type of PPE, Hi Vis Safety has a wide selection of options to suit your needs. Our team of experienced professionals can advise you on the right type of clothing and gear for your job. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, or visit our website.

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Hi-Vis Gear and Clothing?