Impact vs. Anti-Vibration Gloves: What’s the Difference?

Impact vs. Anti-Vibration Gloves: What’s the Difference?

In many workplaces, employees must use their hands in potentially hazardous situations, which can result in cuts, punctures, or even fractures. Workers often wear safety gloves designed to prevent or minimize such injuries in order to protect themselves. Two types of safety gloves are impact gloves and anti-vibration gloves.

While both aim to protect workers’ hands, they serve different purposes. Let’s discuss the differences between impact and anti-vibration gloves and how to choose the right pair for your work environment.

Impact Gloves

Impact gloves protect the hands and fingers from injury by heavy or blunt force impact. They contain durable materials that can absorb the shock of the impact and prevent bruising and hand fatigue. These gloves typically have padded or reinforced palms, knuckles, and fingertips to maximize protection.

They are ideal for workers who use hand and power tools, work with heavy machinery, or work in construction and manufacturing. These gloves can also include cut resistance and waterproofing materials. They are usually designed with a snug fit to ensure comfort and give workers a good grip on equipment.

Anti-Vibration Gloves

Anti-vibration gloves can reduce the vibration and shock transferred to the hands. They have padding or gel material in the palm and fingers that absorb vibrations, reducing the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), which can cause circulation problems, nerve damage, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

These gloves are best suited for workers who use vibrating hand-held tools such as drills, grinders, and chainsaws. They are also useful for workers who operate heavy machinery with constant vibrations. Anti-vibration gloves are designed with a loose fit to provide better shock absorption and reduce the risk of impact injury.

How To Choose?

Choosing the right gloves can be challenging, so consider your job requirements. Both impact and anti-vibration gloves provide safety features but serve different purposes.

Impact gloves with padded reinforcements on the knuckles, palms, and fingers are ideal for workers who operate heavy machinery. These gloves can provide maximum protection from impact stress and bruising due to repeated blows.

Anti-vibration gloves are the best choice for people who use vibrating tools, such as grinders or chainsaws. These gloves can prevent hand-arm vibration syndrome by reducing the vibration that reaches the hands.

Although impact and anti-vibration gloves seem similar, they address hazards in the work environment differently. Choosing the appropriate safety glove that matches your job requirements is crucial for ensuring safety and comfort. Whether you are looking for impact or anti-vibration gloves, evaluate the hazards of your job and choose a glove best suited for your work environment.

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