Factors To Consider When Buying High-Vis Clothing

Factors To Consider When Buying High-Vis Clothing

When buying high-visibility clothing, it’s essential to make sure you follow OSHA guidelines and logical practices to ensure worker safety. Workers in industrial, construction, or other potentially hazardous work settings should be wearing the appropriate high-quality hi-vis garments to maintain visibility during the job. Continue reading to learn the best factors to consider when buying high-vis clothing.

Reflective Material

OSHA guidelines state that workers should be wearing reflective work clothing when on the jobsite. Reflective material creates visibility by bouncing light back from a light source. This is especially important for workers who must perform their tasks at night when there’s low visibility. Vests, jackets, or other clothing items should have reflective material on them to allow others to easily identify the worker wearing them.

Weather-Appropriate Options

You should consider hi-vis clothing with weather-appropriate features. Weather conditions aren’t always favorable, so it’s important to equip your workers with proper protection against the environmental elements. Having water-resistant or waterproof hi-vis clothing is important for workers to wear to stay dry and comfortable on days when it’s difficult to see because of the rain. Versatility is important and shouldn’t be overlooked when buying hi-vis clothing.

Customization Options

Having customization options available to you is a great added benefit for your high-vis clothing. Being able to add your company logo or change the colorway options is a wise way to easily identify your workers for emergency situations.


Buying high-vis clothing with optimal coverage is another important factor to consider when buying hi-vis workwear. More coverage on clothing means more visibility, and the higher the visibility, the higher the chance of your worker being identified during an emergency.


It’s important to buy hi-vis garments that utilize high-quality fabric. The fabric should be durable, lightweight (yet able to withstand heavy-duty work), and comfortable to wear. If the workers are exposed to flammable substances or fires, you should be sure to purchase hi-vis clothing that is flame retardant.

Buying high-quality and high-visibility workwear is important for the safety of your workers. Take careful consideration in identifying these important factors when purchasing your hi-vis clothing.