5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Hi-Vis Clothing

5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Hi-Vis Clothing

It’s important for your hi-vis clothing to be in optimal condition to keep you safe while on the jobsite. Any damage caused by extensive wear can lower the quality and effectiveness of the material. Continue reading to learn the five signs you need to replace your hi-vis workwear.

The Fluorescent Fabric Has Faded

The fluorescent component of the garment is one of the most important parts of hi-vis wear. The bright and vibrant colors on shirts and hi-vis pants contribute to their visibility and allow workers to stand out significantly to drivers and passersby.

If the fabric of the garment has faded, it will no longer serve its intended purpose. It’s important to replace your garments if they are significantly faded and lack contrasting vibrancy.

Excessive Damage to the Garment

Over time, excessive damage to the garment can occur due to constant wear and tear. It’s essential to replace your garment if it has holes, rips, or other abrasions that no longer make it wearable.

Damaged garments may also pose a threat to your safety and are a hazard when working in a high-risk environment. To remain protected, you should always maintain full coverage.

Damage to the Reflective Strip

The reflective strip is one of the most important aspects of hi-vis clothing. If the reflective strip is damaged, others may no longer be able to properly perceive you in low-visibility situations. If your reflective strip receives any damage, you should replace it as soon as possible to reduce the risk of ineffective gear.

The Reflective Strip Is No Longer Bright

The intensity of the reflective strip must meet OSHA standards to be considered safe for use. Conduct field tests and compare the reflectiveness of your strip to the standard to determine whether your reflective strip is dimmer. If your reflective strip is dim, you should immediately replace your clothing.

Clothing No Longer Fits Comfortably

Another sign that you may need to replace your hi-vis clothing is that it no longer fits comfortably. Comfort is important when wearing a piece of safety wear all day; if it no longer fits well or feels like you’ve outgrown it, it may be time to replace it with a better-fitting size so you can perform your job with as much comfort and ease as possible.