4 Must-Have Hi-Vis Clothing Accessories for Increased Safety

4 Must-Have Hi-Vis Clothing Accessories for Increased Safety

Visibility of workers is crucial in high-risk environments, such as roadside construction. It’s important for your team and motorists to be able to see you, especially in dim or low visibility conditions. You can enhance visibility in these situations by wearing high-visibility clothing. 


Some accessories are must-haves for workers. These accessories increase your visibility while keeping you comfortable on the job. Here are four must-have hi-vis clothing accessories you can't ignore if you want to stay safe and comfortable at work.

Safety Vests

High-visibility safety vests are essential for people working in construction, traffic control, or any job where safety is a priority. These fluorescent vests come in bright colors like yellow or orange to ensure you are visible from a distance. Additionally, most vests are lightweight and breathable and come in various sizes to fit any body type, making them comfortable for all-day wear!


Hi-Vis jackets are handy for people who work outside, especially in cold or wet conditions. They are waterproof or water-resistant to keep you dry in rainy. They also come in insulated versions, which keep you warm in cold weather.


Most hi-vis jackets are wind-resistant and reflective, making sure you are comfortable and visible when it’s difficult to see from weather conditions. The jackets also come in different sizes and styles, so you can choose one that suits your needs.


Wearing a hi-vis hat guarantees other people can spot you, even if they can't see your torso or limbs. These hats are made from bright materials and are reflective, helping you stand out on the worksite. Additionally, some hi-vis hats have ear protection or brims, which protect your neck and face from the sun or precipitation. Hi-vis hats are affordable and comfortable, and you can even wear them under hard hats and helmets.


For workers who spend their entire day on their legs, hi-vis trousers are the perfect accessory to ensure you remain visible and comfortable. These pants are durable, lightweight, and offer excellent insulation, making them suitable for all types of weather. You can wear them alone or with hi-vis jackets for a total hi-vis outfit, making you visible in harsh weather conditions.


High-visibility clothing accessories are must-haves for anyone working in an environment where safety is a priority. Remember that hi-vis accessories go beyond safety. They also offer comfort, convenience, and utility.


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