4 Common Mistakes When Choosing Hi-Vis Work Clothing

4 Common Mistakes When Choosing Hi-Vis Work Clothing

Safety should always be a top priority when working in low-light conditions or environments with poor visibility. Hi-vis work clothing is essential for workers in construction, highway maintenance, railroad jobs, and the like. Since high-visibility clothes are crucial, purchasing the right set of workwear is necessary to ensure safety while on the job site.

But people make common mistakes when selecting hi-vis work gear. Let’s look at four common mistakes when choosing hi-vis work clothing and how to avoid them.

Choosing the Wrong Hi-Vis Colors

The most common mistake when choosing hi-vis work clothes is selecting the wrong color. Not every color is suitable for the environment. For example, orange and red clothing might be excellent in snowy weather, but they may not be appropriate in foggy weather conditions. So, it’s essential to select the correct color for the situation at hand.

Not Checking the Industry Standards

When choosing hi-vis work clothing, it is essential to check if the garment complies with industry standards. High-visibility workwear products have size, luminance, and color specifications unique to each industry. It is essential to determine the criteria required for your sector so that your clothing is up to code.

Choosing Loose-Fitting Clothing

Loose-fitting clothing or anything that dangles or hangs can create a dangerous situation when working with machinery, equipment, or other potential hazards. So, it is essential to avoid loose clothing for safety reasons. Purchasing clothing that is well-fitted and free of potential entanglement hazards ensures that you can work much more safely.

Failure To Prioritize Comfort

People tend to pay attention to the visibility features when buying hi-vis clothing but ignore comfort. Workwear that causes discomfort can be distracting and potentially dangerous. Comfort is vital when working in a high-stress environment, so you should consider this when choosing work apparel.

Choosing the right hi-vis work clothing can be challenging, but knowing these common mistakes can prevent you from making a wrong decision and risking your safety. Always ensure you purchase clothes that provide visibility and comfort while meeting industry-specific standards. Remember that safety comes first when it comes to hi-vis work clothing. Avoiding these common mistakes and ensuring you purchase the right hi-vis workwear will help you stay safe and comfortable while working in low-light and poor-visibility environments.

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