3 Tips for Washing Your High-Visibility Pants

3 Tips for Washing Your High-Visibility Pants

If you’re an avid hiker, road tripper, outdoor enthusiast, or work in various industrial and construction settings, you know how important it is to stay visible. That’s why high-visibility pants are so popular.

But did you know keeping your pants clean can help them last longer and maintain visibility? These are three tips to help you wash your high-visibility pants like a pro!

Choose the Right Detergent

The first step to properly washing high-visibility pants is to choose the right detergent. It’s important to select one designed specifically for outdoor fabrics to ensure that your pants don’t lose any color or luster during the washing process. Additionally, it’s best to avoid using bleach on these fabrics as it can cause discoloration over time and weaken the fabric itself.

Separate Colors & Fabrics

Just like regular clothes, it’s important to wash your hi-vis pants separately and in cold water. The temperature and separation will prevent any potential dye transfer between different colored items in the wash. Separating your fabric types also allows them to move through the wash cycle without snagging. By separating colors and fabric types before loading them into the washer, you can ensure your high-visibility pants will look as good as when you first bought them!

Hang Dry When Possible

Whenever possible, it’s best to hang dry your high-visibility pants instead of putting them in the dryer. This step helps preserve their color and shape while also preventing shrinkage. If you need to use a dryer, use low heat settings and remove them promptly after the cycle completes—doing so will help ensure your pants will last for many adventures down the road!

Washing your high-visibility pants doesn’t have to be complicated! Following these simple tips, you can keep your favorite outdoor gear looking fresh and new for years! Whether working in a hi-vis job or simply enjoying the great outdoors, these tips will help you ensure your pants are clean and remain visible.

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