Stock up on flannel shirts while our sales last!

We've settled into spring and we're easing into summer, which is when many people 
retreat to their cottages for a while. As you open up your warm-weather hideaway, you may turn to activities such as fishing, hiking or enjoying a bit of bonfire cuisine. When you're enjoying this time, it's important to dress the part.
Our flannel shirts are the perfect garments for cottage living. They're made of 100% cotton, they're quit lined, and they feature six pockets to hold all your mobile necessities in honour of Memorial Day, we're offering 10% off flannel shirts through the 18th. To take advantage of this deal, use the code MEMORIAL10 at checkout.


Quilted Flannel Shirts

Red Plaid Quilted Flannel Shirt

Grey Plaid Quilted Flannel Shirt

Blue Plaid Quilted Flannel Shirt

Green Plaid Hooded Quilted Flannel Shirt Jacket

Blue Plaid Hooded Quilted Flannel Shirt Jacket

Red Plaid Hooded Quilted Flannel Shirt Jacket


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