Making Our Mark in Markham

Had a lot of fun handing out "Hi Vis" and raising awareness for pedestrian safety in North York and Markham.  Although the volume of pedestrians in these intersections is lower than those in the city’s core, they are ranked among the city’s most dangerous for pedestrians due to the volume of pedestrian injuries there, and we can see why.  Shephard and Ambrose has a lot of traffic at rush hour.  Cars heading east are coming over a blind hill and then down the hill very quickly. Especially those turning right have a hard time seeing pedestrians crossing due to lighting and cars blocking the view of the crosswalk.  We believe “Hi Vis” can help in this situation.   Then along Steele Ave. E. you have two of the most dangerous intersections in the city just a short distance from one another.  At both Ashcott St and Strawberry Hills Dr. you have pedestrians crossing into residential areas, many on bicycles or coming off the bus on their commutes home.  The high speed of traffic on Steeles coupled with the lower light levels in the evening can make for a dangerous situation for pedestrians on their after work commutes.  Let’s stay visible and stay safe out there!