Helping the cause in North Etobicoke

In preparation for Hi Vis Day on November 4th we are back on the streets giving away our “Hi Vis safety package” and raising awareness for pedestrian safety.

We want to tackle the issue head on by going out the most dangerous areas for pedestrians across the city.  According to a study done by Global News, 2 intersections along Dixon Street, the ones at Kipling and at Islington, are among the most dangerous in the city for pedestrians.  We can see why! There is a lot of commuter traffic in the area, and Dixon is a wide boulevard to cross for pedestrians.  Although there is a crossing guard helping the cause at Kipling (wearing their Hi Vis vest of course!), pedestrians can help the cause by wearing some Hi Vis of their own.  Everyone there appreciated the Free Hi Vis; a toque and an LED arm band. Let’s stay safe out there!