Happy Hi Vis Day!

Forcefield Canada started Hi Vis Day last year, November 4th 2019, to raise awareness for pedestrian safety across the GTA and Canada.  We began by handing out our “pedestrian safety kits” (a Hi-Vis toque and LED armband) at high-risk intersections across the GTA, encouraging passing pedestrians to stay visible and stay safe during the darkest days of the year following daylight savings in November.  The event culminated in a online giveaway of over 1000 pedestrian safety kits across the country, which combined with our in-person giveaway led to over 2000 free pedestrian safety kits in the hands of Canadians.   

We wanted to build on the success of last year’s campaign, however 2020 caused us to re-think our plans, as well as the goals of our campaign, about how we can continue to bring awareness to the mainstream and reach as many people as possible. The Hi Vis masks seem to fit this bill perfectly.  Not only can you comply with the mask requirements introduced this year, but you can add some Hi Visibility and increase your safety as a pedestrian. 

We this year we are proud to be giving away approximately 4000 masks for our Hi Vis Day cause.  Head over to forcefieldcanada.com to get yours now, no purchase necessary (use code FREEMASK at checkout).   

We hope you join in supporting our cause by getting, and wearing, your free Hi Vis Mask today!

Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

Alex Batler - Director