Countdown to Hi Vis Day

The first Sunday of November when the clocks fall backwards for most North Americans is fast approaching. 

The use of Hi Vis apparel for personal pedestrian and roadway safety becomes even more important during the period of daylight savings.

That's why we created Hi Vis Day-- to bring awareness to pedestrian safety during the time of year they are most at risk of a traffic fatality, the darkest days of the year following daylight savings.

Hi Vis Day 2020 falls on Nov 2. And we have some big giveaway plans to mark the occasion.

Last year, Forcefield gave out over 2000 pedestrian safety packs--both in person in the GTA, and through a national online giveaway on

2020 has been a tough year in many, many...many ways.

We still want to help people stay safer and more visible out there.

That's why this year we are starting the countdown to Hi Vis Day by giving away a free Hi Vis mask with each purchase, no code required.

Stay safe everyone!